Hilmo Tea

Finest Pure Ceylon Tea

Hilmo, a renowned tea trading establishment registered and licensed by the Sri Lankan Export Development Board (EDB) that is proud to spread the aroma and the exclusive taste of ever famous Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Tea across the global arena. Our story begins at lavish Hill country of central Sri Lanka (Ceylon) that produces the finest and most tender flavoured finest Tea. Tea is never about a golden stuff in a white fancy teacup, it is about the aroma, the taste, the rejuvenating feel and most of all the refreshing texture. Tea is personal and varies in taste and texture from one to another. The technique of producing and brewing the finest tea that fits every taste buds and mood of the ardent drinker has been mastered by Hilmo, bringing the best of the best to your doorsteps! Grown in the mountain slopes of central Sri Lanka, cared and nurtured in the cool climatic condition, plucked and processed at varied temperature, falling into the numerous zests of grades to bring that finest Ceylon tea into a hot cup that cherish your life moments. The art of tea making goes beyond history and well is the tradition of cultivating tea crops.

Over the years tea grades and brands have improved tremendously to bring in the best to the table with numerous Tea leaves that fortified with aroma, flavours and herbal benefits. Flavoured tea is a hip thing in the world today due to its health benefits and the relief and refreshment it offers to the habitual drinkers. A cup full of health and healing. We believe that a happy society is made of happy families who enjoy their time together over a quality cuppa tea. Hilmo guarantees that you will enjoy nothing but the best of the best, Hilmo from our heart to yours.

Founder, what inspired to start Hilmo Tea

I have tasted many types of teas which were offered to me as ‘a superb cup of tea’. Some of them were sweet, some bitter, some too aromatic & some very spicy. You may have the same experience! Choosing the perfect tea to meet your tastes can be a challenge with the wide variety of teas available.

Being a true tea lover and a professional who started my career in tea industry over a decade ago, I wanted to find a solution to give you the perfect cup of tea. Adding all my know-how with Ceylon tea and herbs, made the ingredients of Hilmo Tea. All our ingredients and blends are personally selected and examined by me to offer the best cup of tea the same what I offer to my family.

HILMO. The Tall, Tell all story of Tea and its history

Life without a cuppa-cuppa is like a lover without passion. Tea making is an art and we know it by heart. Our journey began when our founder joined the tea industry over a decade ago. To bring you a perfect, profound cuppa went through the rig of the trade, learning everything about tea from planting, nurturing crop on lavish hill slopes of central Sri Lanka to enabling the brew being poured in your cup. Once the founder Mr Prasanna Liyanarachchi was equipped with very fine details of the art of tea making, he started the journey of Hilmo Tea with an aim of refreshing the lives of every human being with this magical drink – “Ceylon Tea”. Our tea that comes to your cup is selected and treated carefully by our founder personally to ensure that you sip only the best and the finest selection of this magical drink.

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